Rise Above: Why I Should Assess You

Matt Wenning helping a trainee

Assessments, to me, are more than just a routine check-up; they’re an opportunity to reveal your true potential. Whether you’re an experienced lifter or just starting out, these assessments provide a roadmap, giving an honest look at what it will take for YOU to reach your goals.

I offer a variety of assessment options to match your preferences and circumstances. From in-person sessions, where we fine-tune your form, to phone consultations for those unable to visit in person, my goal remains the same: to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

During these assessments, we’ll go into your biomechanics, identifying areas for improvement and creating personalized programming to address them. But it’s not just about the physical; assessments also take a hard look your nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset.

After your assessment, I’ll give you the truth. The full, real, honest truth. I’ll show what you’re doing right and where you need to improve. And that knowledge can be more valuable than gold. Trust me, it’s a privilege not everyone gets.

I love doing these. It’s all because of my own journey. Despite facing adversity, I found both solace and strength in powerlifting. It became my sanctuary, my proving ground, and ultimately, my path to becoming a world champion.

And now I get to show others the way. And I gotta tell you, that’s a gift.

My assessments are for anyone committed to growth and self-improvement. Whether you’re aiming for a personal best or trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, my assessments will give you what you need.

Just like some people in my life gave me the direction I needed. Which I heeded.

Join me, and together, we’ll see what you’re made of now and what you’re capable of in the future if you take my advice to heart.

Let’s make every lift count. Talk to you guys soon.

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