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From the earliest moments of my life, the thrill of motorcycles and the open road has been a passion that would never die. Riding through every state in the continental USA, including the challenging terrains of Alaska, I’ve grappled with the challenge of maintaining world-class strength during extensive journeys.

How do you work out when you’re in the remote backcountry? It’s not like there were any gyms out there. And that leads to a big question…

Do I Need to Take a Break From Training?

Yep. Embarking on thousands of miles through diverse landscapes, I’ve come to understand that, even at an advanced fitness level, our bodies and minds require intermittent breaks from rigorous gym training.

We need to allow our ligaments, tendons, and central nervous system (CNS) to recover, which is vital for long-term progress. But hold up: While it’s absolutely essential to take a break, it doesn’t mean stopping all forms of exercise. Strategic breaks can lead to rejuvenation, enabling our bodies to prepare for a new training cycle.

So, look, I know your next question…

How Can I Maintain My Fitness Without Going to the Gym?

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive exercise routine that would work throughout these challenges during extended motorcycle trips, I’ve developed a fitness approach that I built after a decade of experimenting.

This approach sustains your elite-level progress once you get back to the gym. It’s designed to accommodate the constraints of being on the road, ensuring that fitness goals are maintained even in the absence of traditional gym equipment.

I call it the Travel Program. And here are the key elements:


Prioritize flexibility exercises to counteract the prolonged seated positions on motorcycles and promote overall joint health.

GPP (General Physical Preparedness) or Anaerobic Endurance

Develop a robust cardiovascular foundation to enhance stamina and endurance during long rides.

Diet and Nutrition

Emphasize the importance of maintaining a balanced diet to support overall health and fitness goals.

Daily Movement

Incorporate simple habits like walking for 10 minutes after every meal and stretching for 10 minutes every hour to counteract sedentary periods.

Bodyweight Exercises

Utilize a variety of bodyweight exercises, which are essential for maintaining fitness goals without the need for specialized equipment.

And guess what? I’m working on a manual so you can have it in your back pocket. I can’t wait to show you.

Talk to you guys soon.

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