Conjugate Training on a Budget


Don’t Break the Bank!

12-Week Program

182+ Pages

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials for Each Exercise

Get Fit With Only a Few Key Pieces of Inexpensive Equipment

Conjugate training means you consistently rotate your exercises in and out of the program. Most lifts here are pretty traditional and easy to understand. We understand you have a budget, and we want to eliminate that being a barrier for you.

No one should have to be excluded from fitness because they don’t have a lot of resources. That’s why this manual exists. We want you to get loads of value and results out of putting very little financial expenditure into it.

  • Each of the 12 Weeks are Broken up into Specific Days for Exercises
  • Proper Form is Included
  • Includes an “Unloading” Phase to Give you the Recovery you Need for Maximum Results


Conjugate Training on a Budget
Conjugate Training on a Budget