The Comeback Program: A 7-Week Program


Have you lost strength? It’s yours for the taking!

7-Week Program

130+ Pages

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials for Each Exercise

Rediscover the former you in just 7 weeks.

Has your training stalled out because of:

  • Getting sick?
  • Injury?
  • A significant drop in your food intake?

This program is designed for current and former athletes or moderate lifters who want to get back into shape after taking time off. The Comeback Program will return you to your earlier pinnacle. This opportunity is:

  • A 7-Week Program
  • Broken up by Day
  • Full of Other Valuable Information
  • Written by Matt Wenning, who has an M.S. in Sports Biomechanics


The Comeback Program
The Comeback Program: A 7-Week Program