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Matt R. Wenning

M.S. Sports Biomechanics
Matt Wenning's Monster Mass The Power Building 2 Manual

Chapter 1 | The Development Of Muscle Mass And What It Will Take

”The sports training process as a whole is a phenomenon of exceptional complexity.” ~ Mell C Siff We obviously need to train in order to get more muscle mass, that’s a given. But training is not the only factor we need to consider before we begin this journey to more lean tissue. In this manual we will not only lay out an advanced program, but in this text, I would like to bring to light some other factors that WILL be extremely important to not only get the most out of this text, but all future training and health needs. I would say that for most of you following this, that a few of the factors we are going to cover in the next few pages need to be addressed before muscle mass can be a viable goal.

WAVE 1 | WEEK 1 (Intro)

Bodybuilding/Hypertrophy Eccentrics, Isolaterals and Tempos

No rest for warmups 3 min rest before core lift – no rest for accessories

Day 1 | Max Effort Lower

Wenning Warmup (3 rounds 25 reps per exercise done in a circuit) 15min

  • Sled drag (forward) 40yds with 135lb
  • 45deg back extension (no weight)
  • Bamboo bar crunch (hanging 25lb kbs) or pvc pipe

Main Lift | Complete in 20min for the whole wave

  • Hatfield Squats 6-8 sets of 10 with a band attached to a belt work up to 80% or 8.0 RPE
    • 3sec Eccentric or Lowering Phase
    • On the last set and last rep (lower the projected weight with a 10sec negative

Accessories | Complete in 15min for the whole wave

  • Leg extensions 3-3 tempo 2x25 reps (9RPE)
  • Sissy squats (knees over toes 2x25) 3-3 tempo

Mini Workout (Optional 6 Hours Post Workout)

  • Leg Curls 6x10 2-2 Tempo
  • Donkey Calf Raises 6x10 2-2 Tempo
NOTE: These small workouts may be added into your main workout if you cannot train 2x a week