Built To Last | Living A Life Of Longevity with Stan Efferding & Matt Wenning

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In this 2 ½ hour series, Matt Wenning visits Stan Efferding at his Las Vegas home to discuss all the areas of your life that focusing on lead to a healthier and healthier lifestyle. Everything you need to know from diet, sleep, supplements, bloodwork and workout essentials is covered here with deep discussions and specific how-to’s that you can follow along with! This series is PACKED with information that you'll dig back into again and again. See below for the topics covered!

Sections include:


We cover the basics high level of everything we'll be discussing in depth over the course of the series. Consider it the cliff notes version of the rest of the series!


Nothing else comes together in the quest for a long, healthy life without proper sleep. Stan and Matt dig into the benefits and proof of what correct sleep provides. They get into the details of how much to get, how to get it and ways to work around life’s ability to throw challenges in front of us that get in the way. Plenty of tips and tricks in this section to get the most important aspect of your health in order.


Second on the list is the value of a balanced diet with the man who has everyone whipped on the subject, Stan. He gets into the how and why his Vertical Diet is a balance of what the body needs and dives deep into the subjects of macro and micro-nutrients. You’ll get everything you need to know on how to manage your diet plan, understand how it is effected and manageable while on plans like Keto and Vegan diets while building a general knowledge base across the important of meal formation and tuning.


Bloodwork is the measurement tool you need to put to use to understand how everything else is going. The guys dive into the areas of your bloodwork that you need to know and pay attention to so you can understand how to talk with your doctor and work through your goals as you age.


Matt and Stan are both not big supplement guys but they do have a few they think are important while also talking over considerations on when to add others in and the general mindset on supplements around the world today. It’s a must-watch!


Follow along through a series of different core exercises that will keep you healthy, safe and build great posture as you age.

Meal Prep:

Stan brings Matt into the kitchen and in the backyard to grill up some steaks together as they talk through how meal preparation can help you get a simple eating plan into place that is able to be managed, become habitual and most importantly, makes for great tasting meals!


Matt and Stan sit down at the table to break bread together and talk over how to avoid and overcome injuries. There’s some very powerful discussions around the magic of what blood flow means for areas of the body and how many times people, including Stan, have avoided major recommended surgery by following some common sense rules that are laid out here. You do not want to miss this!