The Arnold Classic Seminar 2024

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Enhance Your Strength

Prevent Injuries

Perfect Your Form

Plateauing with your deadlift and bench? Getting hurt from bad form? Can’t afford ongoing, expensive personal training at the gym? We have an easy solution. Check out Matt Wenning’s Arnold Seminar video, where you’ll get the detailed information you need. This was shot during a two-day event coinciding with the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. View the video instantly; you’ll get access to information that can change your body for the better! Join Matt and his team as they reveal critical insights into both the deadlift and bench. Become a fly on the wall as they instruct a room full of lifters who are ready to take their workouts to the next level.

Warm-Up Workshop

These expertly designed warm-ups will transform your approach in the gym, ensuring your body is ready for hard work. Experience the difference as you prepare your muscles and mind for peak performance. Without this, you won’t go nearly as far. It’s not just about training hard, it’s about training smart.

Elite Coaching

Listen as Wenning and his team offers eye-opening insight and critical feedback to the lifters in the room. You’re very likely to relate to the issues they face and learn from their mistakes! Watching this closely will help you Identify and eliminate any form issues holding you back, and gain the confidence to push beyond your limits.

Accessories Mastery

What are accessory workouts? Why are they so important? Discover the answer in this video. Learn how to choose and effectively utilize the right tools to complement your lifting regimen. These accessories will not just support your training but catapult your strength and results, while helping you avoid injury. After watching this video, you’ll know more than most lifters around you in the gym. And after time and dedication, the results will speak volumes.

Change Your Workouts, Change Your Body

By absorbing the information in this video, you’ll have the knowledge and skill to achieve impressive results in the gym, avoid injury, and get closer to making those physical changes you keep longing for while looking in the mirror. You’ll have lifetime access to this video once purchased, so watch it over and over until you absorb every detail. It beats paying a clock-watching personal trainer, and you’ll be learning from a three-time world champion powerlifter to boot!