Top-tier programming backed by science and designed by a 3-time world champion powerlifter.

Train With Matt Wenning

Are you looking to increase performance, gain an edge and train smarter?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Matt Wenning is a 3-time world champion powerlifter, strength trainer to the armed forces, and holds a Master’s Degree in Biomechanics and a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.

He and his team of coaches want to train with you to help you achieve your performance goals.

Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or a complete beginner, the team at Wenning Strength is committed to helping you increase performance and hit your goals with proven scientific workouts.

Here’s how to train with us.

Matt Wenning Grip Machine
Matt Wenning

Online Personalized Coaching

Our coaches will help you achieve your goals fast. You get a custom plan catered to your needs, backed by world-class coaching and education that will serve you for years. If you’re serious about getting the edge, this coaching is for you. Not everyone trains under the guidance of a world-record holder.

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Online Community Coaching

If you’re looking for affordable, top-quality programming in a community setting, this is for you. With Trainheroic, we program conjugate style training with the Wenning twist. This outlet gives you affordable training based on the current programming used at the Wenning Strength gym.

With this program, we show you the exercises how we intended them to be done so that you can increase your performance and train with proper form.

You need to download the app and subscribe to the program.

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Matt Wenning Dumbells
Matt Wenning World Record Singlet

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The Wenning Strength Patreon Channel is a community that wants to train harder and smarter! As a Wenning Strength member, you’ll get access to everything from more in-depth videos, more comprehensive arrays of exercises, direct live chats with Matt and the team, and hours upon hours of seminars and studies.

Become our partner and reap the rewards of being with savvy fitness professionals. Plus, enjoy special discounts that you’ll get exclusive access to from our sponsors and on Wenning merch and equipment.

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If you’re serious about getting after your goals and training with the best, let the team at Wenning Strength help you accomplish your vision.

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