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For the past 40 years, I have always been like a sponge trying to pick up knowledge from great coaches in the field of strength, power, speed, conditioning of athletes!

I had the pleasure of having Matt Wenning join my staff for a summer. He possesses great knowledge on power & strength development! He has excellent ideas and techniques  to make you stronger! He also has a keen sense for tactical & military style training to prepare you for daily combat!

Matt is a world champion in weightlifting & holds many world & strength records. Matt has a mixture of old school & new school biomechanics training to help you achieve your goals. The special training ideas & techniques he displays on his website will help you to dramatically improve and be at your best!

Proud of You, Keep Giving Back ! #ExplosivePower

Jeff Maddog Madden MSCC

Past President CSCCA
USA Hall of Fame
Legend in the Field
Former Associate Athletics Director/ Head of Athletics Performance University of Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, Rice, UC S&C 

When one of the strongest men on the planet is also one of the smartest, the strength game flourishes!

Matt Wenning’s unique combination of brain and braun gives him an overwhelming advantage in strength training program design. 

He has helped many achieve their lifting and fitness goals, me included.


Physical Preparation Specialist
NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year

From back in the day as one of our undergraduate and then as a graduate student in biomechanics at Ball State University to the present, Matt Wenning has become the world’s expert on resistance exercise techniques and lifting mechanics. His methods and tips on exercise techniques will provide extraordinary benefits for the success of your resistance training programs.

William J. Kraemer, Ph. D., CSCS*D, FNSCA, FACSM

At the time of writing this review, words cannot express how much immense respect, love, and gratitude I have for Matt Wenning, with all he went through on his journey to get to where he is at this very moment!!

Whatever your passion is, you go and you chase it!! I was very skeptical to buy the manual at first, but my gut instinct just kept telling me to purchase it and I don’t regret it.

Not wanting to give any spoilers but, Matt’s journey definitely soften my heart and brought tears to my eyes reading through his hardships. The rest of the manual is filled with tons of invaluable wisdom with the way Matt, explains the Conjugate Method.

He really cares a lot about injury prevention and for those who want to continue powerlifting long-term optimally, reducing mileage to the body, while getting strong!!

Erik Villalobos


Matt Wenning’s manuals and videos have been a huge part of my success and getting strength back. I wanted to thank you for what you do!

I’ve always been big but I ballooned to 583lbs a couple years ago. I had Roux-en-y gastric bypass a year ago yesterday. I lost a lot of muscle mass and strength along with the fat loss. That was tough. I always enjoyed working out in college and having you as our strength coach.

I decided to purchase your 10 week at home manual last year. Then I purchased the minimal equipment manual and then finally about 5-6 weeks ago. I purchased your power building manual to follow similarly to how you trained us at BSU. I’m gaining strength again and feeling more confident every day.

On September 12th,2021, I weighed 285lbs, which is less than my freshman year in high school. Crazy! I appreciate you and all you do, even with not ever stepping foot in your gym.

Kevin Anderson



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